A Field Guide to Your Own Backyard

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As a result, species are returning who had hitherto been though gone forever. Bears come to our feeders; deer lope through our yards. We hear fisher cats scream, and smell skunks. This is a book everyone with a backyard should keep right by their window. And if possible, let the yard become the haven to animals it was meant to be.

Publisher; Date of Pub 9781402214066
Photographs, Illustrations Simon & Schuster
ISBN-13 9781451665178
Edition Paperback
Pages 311


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A Field Guide to Your Own Backyard

A Field Guide to Your Own Backyard

John Hanson Mitchell

This volume has become a classic of sorts, first published in the mid-1980s among concerns over loss of habitat for local species. Gradually, the forests of New England have come back, due to the decline of agricultural land.

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