War of the Whales

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It takes a passionate group of conservationists, scientists, and legal experts to dive into this enormous battle. A brilliantly written book, that reveals so much about our military and our destruction of marine life, all while taking us on a thrilling ride.

"At once thrilling and heartbreaking, this is a landmark book of deep, original reporting, that could alter forever how we view our role as stewards of the seas."—Bob Woodward

Publisher; Date of Pub Greystone
Photographs, Illustrations 9781771643375
ISBN-13 379
Edition Hardcover
Pages 9781481450942


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War of the Whales

War of the Whales

Joshua Horwitz

A mass whale stranding on the beaches of Abaco, Bahamas, sets this true story into motion. What has caused the stranding? Why is there a Naval frigate near the deep water canyon, home to the Beaked Whales?

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