The Sage of Waterloo

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This is the Battle of told by a rabbit.

When the Duke of Wellington amassed his troups at Hougoumont, an ancient farmstead in Belgium, not far from Waterloo, the French attached, sparking a brutal fight that left six thousand dead or wounded.

William is a white rabbit living at the farm today. Under the tutelage of his mysterious and wise grandmother Old Lavender, William attunes himself to the echoes and ghosts of the battle, and through a series of adventures, he comes to recognize how deeply what happened at Waterloo two hundred years before continues to reverberate.

A fascinating, playful, and profound retelling of a key turning pount in history.

Publisher; Date of Pub WWNorton
ISBN-13 9780393246919
Edition Hardcover
Pages 221


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The Sage of Waterloo

The Sage of Waterloo

A Tale

Leona Francombe

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