The Joy of Birding:A Beginner's Guide

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This book shows readers how to:

  • Find and use markings, wing shape, beak shape, and size to identify birds
  • Understand bird behaviors
  • Recognize specific songs and calls
  • Photograph birds in flight and repose
  • Share the pleasure of bird-watching with others
  • Vacation where birds are bound to be
Publisher; Date of Pub Lots of great info on cats (serious & humorous)
Photographs, Illustrations 9780143130017
ISBN-13 Beacon Press
Edition Paperback
Pages 9780812981650


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The Joy of Birding:A Beginner's Guide

The Joy of Birding:A Beginner's Guide

Kate Rowinski

No matter where you live, you have birds, and song birds especially could use your help with food and water. Aside from the Petersen's Guide, this book is a necessity for backyard birders who just want the basics. It also contains some great ideas to get children involved. Keep it next to your binoculars and bird seed!

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