The Lord God Bird: A Novel

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It is the story of a widower living in the Big Woods of Arkansas, who spots an Ivory-billed Woodpecker as he canoes through the woods. The species has long been extinct, the result of lost habitat and hunting. Spotting such a rare sight is nothing short of a miracle. As the sighting results in a bevy of birdwatchers and ornithologists descending on the man's dwelling, the birds (male and female) struggle to bring up their daughter and stay away from the humans as much as possible. The depiction of their lives and interaction is artfully done and wholly believable. This is really a gem of a book.

Publisher; Date of Pub 9781250081070
ISBN-13 369
Edition Hardcover
Pages 9781627796330


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The Lord God Bird: A Novel

The Lord God Bird: A Novel

Tom Gallant

This is such a rare and beautiful novel, one which will take you only a night or two to read, but will stay with you for many more.

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