The Private Lives of Birds

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Intrepid biologist Bridget Stutchbury takes us along on her escapades as a bird detective, stalking subjects through the woods for hours, mounting miniature tracking devices on their backs, and taking blood samples from nestlings for DNA analysis. She has presented a treasure trove of fascinating insights into bird behavior, and understanding of their social lives.

"A treasure-house of insights into the lives of birds and the glorious evolutionary energy that powers their displays and courtship—and their not infrequent infidelities."—Graeme Gibson, author of The Bedside Book of Birds

Publisher; Date of Pub Harper Design
Photographs, Illustrations 9780062492265
ISBN-13 9780062292629
Edition Hardcover
Pages Katherine Tegen Books


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The Private Lives of Birds

The Private Lives of Birds

Bridget Stutchbury

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