Paw Prints at Owl Cottage

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O'Connor returns again with another heartwarming and timeless tale. He and his wife return to their former home, Owl Cottage, but find it in a distressingly dilapidated state. They decide to restore the charming house, but the memory of Denis's beloved cat, Toby Jug, the hero of Paw Prints in the Moonlight, still lingers on. On impulse, he buys a Maine Coon kitten. On further impulse, he buys three more.

Set against the wilds of the Northumbrian coast, Denis tenderly and humorously charts the ups and downs of life with his mischievous little buddies in this warm and touching tale. A great gift for cat lovers.

Publisher; Date of Pub Yes!
Photographs, Illustrations 9780972966580
ISBN-13 9781476703404
Edition Hardcover
Pages Index


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Paw Prints at Owl Cottage

Paw Prints at Owl Cottage

Denis O'Connor

Author of Paw Prints in the Moonlight

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