Rescuing Oricito

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In this tale for middle readers, a puppy journeys from his family to become a street dog who, with his two new friends, must battle rain, hunger, cats, bigger dogs, and most evil or all, a local politician whose greatest ambition is to rid Valdivia of street dogs.

Publisher; Date of Pub 9780451467102
Photographs, Illustrations 141
ISBN-13 9781592288991
Edition Paperback
Pages 9781599213101


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Rescuing Oricito

Rescuing Oricito

Marty Kingsbury

Illustrated by Tatiana Messina

Oricito, a Chilean pup, has never been alone. In all of his eight weeks on earth, his mother and littermates have made the world a smaller, friendlier, and more playful place. But now they are all gone. As the sun rises on a new day, Oricito realizes that he too must either find his way or stay and die.

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