Sergeant Stubby

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We have many recent stories of hero dogs, used in the most horrific elements of war. For the most part, those dogs have been diligently trained for their involuntary service. But Sergeant Stubby seems to have chosen his military vocation, after he chose his human. This is a great story for Memorial Day, and beyond, remembering the men, women, and animals who have sacrificed everything when their country called.

Publisher; Date of Pub 9780312127343
Photographs, Illustrations Appendices
ISBN-13 9780385537308
Edition Hardcover
Pages Doubleday


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Sergeant Stubby

Sergeant Stubby

Ann Bausum

Foreword by David E. Sharpe

A fantastic story, painstakingly researched to restore the true biography of Stubby and his friend, Pvt. James Robert Conroy, and revive this dog's deserving celebrity.

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