A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color

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"We still have a lot to learn about the magnificent animal we call the horse. All of us need to give thanks for trainers, like Mark Rashid, who have devoted their lives to helping us gain that knowledge and understanding. The sooner we all get educated, the better the horses of this world will fare."—Bonnie Ebsen-Jackson, editor Western Horse Magazine

Publisher; Date of Pub 243
Photographs, Illustrations 9781250012012
ISBN-13 230
Edition Hardcover
Pages HarperCollines


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A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color

A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color

Mark Rashid

This is the 2nd edition, revised and updated, and concerns training through communication and trust. The stories stress the importance of patience and understanding when working with horses, and is an important addition to any horseman's library.

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