The Faraway Horses

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This is his story, a memoir of his life and his work with horses and people. The documentary Buck is based on this book, and is a great accompaniment to this book.

"Buck Brannaman is part of a lineage of skilled horsemen, and for the horses he works with, it is about trust and understanding, not submission."—Robert Redford

"When it comes to horses, Buck Brannaman is part guru, part psychologist, and all cowboy. He's a 19th-century man in a 21st-century world, and his life is at once inspirational and instructive."—Tom Brokaw

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Photographs, Illustrations 229
ISBN-13 9780764351112
Edition Paperback
Pages 9781785780578


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The Faraway Horses

The Faraway Horses

Buck Brannaman with William Reynolds

Anyone fortunate enough to experience one of Buck Brannaman's clinics can tell you he is an amazing horseman and instructor, a true horse whisperer, as opposed to many who claim that mantle.

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