Mabel Takes a Paddle

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This time, Mabel rides in a kayak, admiring the Maine wildlife of Orange Lake. But all of the animals around the lake seem frightened. Are they afraid of Mabel? She tries hard not to bark at them, and yet they run away. Even a moose looks startled as Mabel and her family paddle by. What is scaring the animals? Find out in the third of the Mabel series.

Publisher; Date of Pub 312
Photographs, Illustrations 9781451686234
ISBN-13 9780758213440
Edition Paperback
Childs Age 5-8


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Mabel Takes a Paddle

Mabel Takes a Paddle

Emily Chetkowski
Illustrated by Susan Spellman

Mabel, the famed dog of Mabel Takes the Ferry and Mabel Takes a Sail, is back!

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