Painted Horses (PA)

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(Quotes from: The Dallas Morning News, The Boston Globe, Amy Bloom)

Montana, 1956—a West that is still very much wild. Catherine is a young archaeologist, arriving at a canyon "as deep as the devil's own appetites" and challenged to find anything in it worth preserving. John H is a former mustanger and veteran of the US Army's last mounted cavalry campaign, with an intuitive genius for breaking horses and a drive to pursue one last wild thing. When a massive dam project threatens to swallow both the canyon and John H's way of life, Catherine must choose between the competing demands of love and ambition, tradition and progress.

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ISBN-13 9780802123817
Edition Paperback
Pages 370
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Painted Horses (PA)

Painted Horses (PA)

A Novel

Malcolm Brooks

Now in paperback, this "earnest, romantic" story of the West is "big, old-fashioned" and a "compulsively readable page-turner."

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