About us

Our company

Books for Animal Lovers, originally a direct mail business, was founded in 1986 upon publication of Irving Townsend’s Separate Lifetimes. Now, the service has moved online, and has a collection of books that deserve to be read, as well as gifts for pet enthusiasts. We also offer web exclusives—books and gifts you will not find elsewhere—and autographed copies.

BFAL family: Jeremy with dogs Sophie & Katrina

Our Mission

As animal lovers, we are committed to helping local and international animal welfare causes, and donate 10% of all profits per quarter to various foundations, as well as to individuals with specific needs. We also participate in fundraising events to help animal charities around New England.

Causes We have Contributed To:

About the Staff


I was born a few months before Hurricane Katrina (named after me apparently) hit Louisiana. I was in a shelter (read: pound) in Mississippi that became inhabitable, and so was shipped up to New Hampshire. There I met a boy who liked me enough to bring me into his family. Now I help out at Books for Animal Lovers, snoozing while my adopted mom reads to me. I like to go for runs, eat carrots, and chew my nails.


I’m from Florida originally, and went through some trauma I’d rather not talk about, but ended up here in New Hampshire with this family when I was about three. I’ve decided they’ll do, so I’m staying. I like to chase sticks and my tail and play with the other staff members of BFAL.

Nellie Belle

I was raised on a farm, but then taken to the NHSPCA, which I loved very much until I met my family, and I found I loved them even more. I love my friends, Katrina and Sophie, too. In fact, I pretty much love everyone. I also love to eat. I really love to eat. And sleep.