Rain Reign

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Rose lives with her somber, angry father (her mother is gone) in upstate New York. Her father "gives" her a dog he's found out behind the local bar, and Rose names her Rain (reign, rein). But after a hurricane devastates their town and isolates their little home, her father lets Rain outside and she runs off. Rose has to leave her highly structured routine behind and begin a search for Rain.

An excellent story for all ages. Perfect for middle- to young adult age.

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Publisher; Date of Pub 284
ISBN-13 Appendix
Edition Hardcover
Pages 9780553379686
Childs Age 8-12


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Rain Reign

Rain Reign

Ann M. Martin

"I am Rose Howard and my first name has a homonym." So begins a wonderful story told from the point of view of a fifth-grader with high-functioning autism.

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